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Hello my beloved readership,

before I tell my story today and show you the look to it, I do not want to miss to wish you a happy belated first Advent and with that a blessed, joyful, warm and sensual Christmas time full of magic, hope and love. Do not forget according to the Chinese calendar the upcoming year is the year of the cock, so among others mine. Here are the Advent wreaths at our home. How do yours look?

If life was easy what sense would be left? One of my personal philosophies is that the best achievements require time and effort. Especially if you are standing in front of an obstacle you will see if something in your life is worth remaining or not. If it is you yourself will work for it to stay.

The mind of us living beings is filled with achievements we take aim for. The majority of us is reaching for essential things such as finding the significant other, founding a family, a well paid job et cetera. But a common knowledge says that the biggest treasures are received after a big adventure – we are taught this philosophy already early in our childhood with games or fairy tales – otherwise known as the highpoint. Another knowledge says that there are at least two ways to an object. I agree to this half. If the easy way you have imagined does not work you are anyway forced to go the hard one. But the way how you go it may vary.

"A common knowledge says that the biggest treasures are received after a big adventure"

 Especially human life consists of moments which come from a mental of physical action – this can either be a decision or an act. In an interpersonal relationship the moment is always taking part twice, for oneself and the person involved. So a hard way does not necessarily need to be hard if you go through it moment for moment enjoying every single one with a little pause to recharge, prepare and overthink. Some things in life need to be approached cautiously in order not to be destroyed because they are very fragile as a result of lack of strength consisting of a personality trait which can be love or satisfaction. But you will be surprised how much comprehension and patience the worthy things in your life have, directed by the strength of emotions, which will make you find your strength again, too. These worthy things will make confident enough to determine that if the only way to remain is the hard way you will go it with someone or rather something special accompanying you to reach your aim.

This new gained wisdom out of experience gave the wings I am wearing with my jewelry as well on myself along with the strength of a pride eagle who is the master of his area. Calm in its mood but wild when his values are threatened. I am definitely going to keep on wearing my necklace with pride.

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Love ♥ Johanna


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