JoJo’s Mad Love

Hello my dear readership,

what is one of the greatest things to await you at home after a long day at work? For me it was last week a little package. Its flat and square form revealed to me that it must have been the CD I have been waiting for excitedly: JoJo's "Mad Love."

Joanna "JoJo" Noelle Levesque (*1990) is an American born R'n'B singer and song-writer. She released her first album worldwide in 2003. Her most known song is her debut-song "Leave (Get Out)". She became famous for her cover of Aeritha Franklin's "Respect". In 2006 JoJo brought out her second album "The High Road" containing her hit-single "Too Little Too Late". For each of these two albums the back then 13 and 15-year-old had written three songs on her own. 

I, myself have stumbled over JoJo in 2003 at my friend's home. We have been watching MTV Pop2 (how I miss this channel!) and a to me unknown music video appeared and caught my attention just as every song at least until the name and title is shown and then it is to be decided more or less. The girl with straight dark hair had already caught my attention more than usual since I recognized myself a little bit in her. Especially after I have seen her name "JoJo".

It must have been destiny that I have found her and her music to my liking and rapidly became a fan of hers collecting posters, autograph-cards CDs and much more. Once when my mother entered my room and recognized the autograph-card on my table she asked if it was me which made me very happy. Also my class at school had known that I was celebrating JoJo. This and my strong connection to music had been the occasion for my class and my friends to name and call me Jojo (note: I have been called Jojo since I was born however German pronounced "yoyo", the new given nickname was English pronounciation) too eversince and have made my decision final to take aim for becoming a singer and song-writer.

With a pause from album releases with movies and some singles and separation from Europe I have lost JoJo. Thanks to the age of social media I have found JoJo again luckily on time to the release of her newest album "Mad Love.". Not only I have grown up but she, too. After ten years JoJo contributes eleven songs all written on her own in which she combines modern electro-pop with classic R'n'B and yet shows off her unique voice to its advantage. More than the music itself I very much loved the lyrics which have been responsible that I loved the whole album that is catchingly-spicy, emotional to the bottom of the heart and strong. The whole album reminded me of the first twelve songs I have written. They are talking about mass of love given that has almost not been returned, of a slight payback and scream of self-confidence and new energy found. This is underlined with the point after each title.

My top songs are: "I Can Only.", "No Apologies.", "FAB.", "Mad Love.", "Vibe.", "Honest.", "Like This.", "Edibles.", "High Heels." and "I Am.".

My entry for JoJo's #MadLove competition with the song "No Apologies."

On the whole JoJo's "Mad Love." album has shown a lot of development. What I love too is the design of the CD of dark green and salmon pink that on the one hand shows unapproachibility and on the other hand warmth.

I definitely recommend to buy it! You can find it on JoJo's website.

Love, Johanna

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