Tender But Decisive

Hello my beloved readers,

humans are individuals especially when different genders meet, different cultures or different generations. That not enough since humans are individuals they have different outlooks on life and different views on rights and wrongs. This leads to a conflict between individuals. Age does not measure intelligence and intelligence does not measure wisdom. Being in the 20s is not what it used to be just half a century ago. This comes now by the 30s. I for myself can say that I am not a girl but as well not yet a woman. The most dangerous thing the human individuals permanently use is their brain in addition with their heart which makes it even more dangerous. The worst thing in the whole story is that no one is willing to listen anymore. Everyone wants to speak but no one wants to understand. Whereas every action is holding a meaning in it.
I am one of the very rare kind now our days to be honest enough to admit that sometimes I do not even use my brain. my whole overthinking makes my brain stop its work when the limit is reached. In moments like these I am dependent on other people and their advice. But the circle closes and I come back meeting myself again, me, myself and I am the only person who can face and solve my problems. No one and nothing can take this responsibility from me.
There is no right and wrong existing in individuality. We live in more truths and right answers paralelly to each other. The conflict comes out of different tastes and styles but that does not mean that you could not live in harmony with different people and your personal outlook. All you need to do is to make your fellows get used to your outlook on life in a tender but decisive way. The most important thing is that you have to be convinced of what you do. Then it will earn success.

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Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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