Eurovision Song Contest 2016: Grand Final

Hello Europe and my whole dear readers from all around the world,

what a night yesterday, between celebrating my beloved father's birthday there was time to watch at least the second half of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in the Globe Arena and join 200 million viewers from at least 42 countries since I already was familiar with the songs. The conclusion is, there is always time to watch Eurovision. Personally I was amazed how nearly all my friends have been following it. You just feel like being in a very big party.

There was firstly a new system of points introduced in this year's Eurovision which was also for me a little bit hard to get at first. But I have found out: First a five-headed national jury gives points from 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points twice to the ten best countries. But with that nothing is decided. Afterwards the public votes are counted and added to the already given points, which can change the ranking completely, from the lowest to the highest number of votes.

The results of the jury rating and telephone voting: Australia has won the heart of the jury, Russia has 
won the heart of the telephone voters and Ukraine has won the contest. The telephone voting could and
has changed nearly everything.

Since you have read my feedback on the 20 songs and artsist who have been introduced in the semi finals I am just going to give a feedback on the big five or rather big six, who have been already qualified for the grand final. The host Sweden along with the founding-members France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom in their running order.

6. Italy - Francesca Michelin "No Degree Of Separation": A very beautiful and bright strange, as if one is in aflower field. Francesca has a strong voice but she rather spoke her song instead of singing it.
9. Sweden - Frans "If I Were Sorry": Cute song in the chorus, but for my taste it was a little bit too calm and the rapping part during the phrases destroyed the song.
10. Germany - Jamie Lee "Ghost": As an anime fan I like her style and also the the mood of the song. Jamie Lee has a clean beautiful strong voice.
11. France - Amir "J'ai Cherché": Amir was spreading a positive energy to the Globe Arena with a colorful bright stage full of lights and happiness.
19. Spain - Barei "Say Yay": Yay! Barei reminded me of a cool 90s disco and collected so much power in her self and the stage. I love her party style a lot and how she was moving on stage.
25. United Kingdom - Joe & Jake "You're Not Alone": A cheerful early 2000s song sung by a cute boys-duo.

I go without a personal ranking this year because I am pretty satisfied with the ranking - which sadly also includes some political reasons irresistably - nevertheless in my eyes every artist was special and outstanding in the own way this year and I cannot wait to make the CD join my other Eurovision babies. And congratulations to Jamala from Ukraine for winning the contest with a meaningful song, full of tension.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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