Say, Yes!

Hello my dears,

we think, god leads; we have a huge imagination of our life, our future and love to plan a lot. But in the end things turn out differently. At the first moment, we do not seem to like how a situation turned out and it looks like our whole plan is ruined. At moments like this we seem to forget the most simple and most elemental thing. I want to show it to you with a metaphor: There is no door without a matching key; that is why god would never give us expercises or problems without a solution.

Sometimes we have to create and find an alternative way to go on but whatever may be we must not lose the will to work on a solution. We have to find and see the beauty in alternatives that is why you should never deny any coming option or happening, Trust me, it is a solution for good.

Thanks to T. for the superbeautiful nails and very kind service.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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