Killer Doll

Hello my dears,

outer beauty is an extremely dangerous thing. More dangerous than that is that we can easily step into its trap and be attracted by what we catch with our eyes. It makes us blind for what can be lying inside. Not always the first sight is representative for the whole being. We can see a person smiling brightly but we would never imagine the tears of desperation that are held and supressed inside, we admire a person with a well-groomed appearance wearing high quality clothes and think this person's life could not be more perfect. Could it be? But sometimes people are misled in their actions with the beauty they admire. They see a beautiful doll they think they can place the way they wish. Anyplace. Anytime. But be careful when the doll feels that her personal freedom is taken away and when you act against her will. Mark my words. Be careful. She can open her mouth and she can make decisions. She can be a dangerous doll and put a knife against your back to pay you back your selfishness.

Longsleeve shirt - Cache Cache
Midi-skirt - Hallhuber
Pumps -Deichmann
Statement necklace - Zara
Bracelet - Claire's
Lipstick - P2

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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