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Hola dears,

I'm back after a period of sickness and it caught me quite bad even though I am visibly still a little weak. But whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger and wiser. I guess it's not a surprise to get sick now since the extreme change of weather, current cold weather and new year of work and one date chasing the other weakens our immunous-system.

But since I am a very busy person and variously needed every day I need health and quick cure (at least that much to not fall back to sickness again and be able to get back to work as fashion-adviser and politician and of course the last year of my studies has just started and the showdown can't rest. Last but not least there are you and my passion of fashion blogging). So soon new outfit-posts will be coming, after all I have many trends to present you and lot in my mind to share with you. However that ahead I would like to share my health tips and how I cured myself healthy again with you:

My mantra: whenever I feel weak (because things are getting too much in everyday-life) I immediately let all the work down despite my time-organization and take a rest with my family, a good film and food. That became my big rule when it first happened to me when I started my studies. After all if you don't work your work won't go further. In that moment you also have to forget about your false pride that you can stand everyday life because no one can.

My genre of choice during sickness is comedy. Basically it is my most favorite movie-genre but during a sickness you are already in pain and badly mooded so your should relax your muscles with a good laughter. Therefore I went back-to-the-roots and re-watched the successful Armenian series "Vervaracnery @ntaniqum" ("At the family's Vervarac"). I have to admit however you can only get the real laughter if you understand the culture and language of Armenia but it's not the film that matters but the genre: comedy. As an alternative I suggest the good old "Married... with Children".

Mommy's good old chicken soup is latest now a proven official miracle of natural remedy. I enjoyed to eat it since after that I felt much tougher and better.
I spiced it and the rest of my food up with grinded coriander. I admit it is very spicy but if you have snuffles it will free your nose immediately.

Another thing I became highly addicted to is fully natural apple-tea. You surely know the saying: "One apple a day keeps the doctor away". Doubtlessly we need natural vitamins which are included in fruits and vegetables. It is as well proven that eating fruits increases your good mood. In addition to hot water as a drink you have two remedies in one.

The last natural remedy I present you is more or less independent from a cold or flu itself and is rather connected to health and diet. Nuts. In a documentary I recently watched it was said that nuts don't only strengthen your immunous-system but they are a basic food for every human being. Once a day you should eat one handfull of nuts to have a balanced diet. In case you are suffering from an allergy just eat them integrated in bread or cake. Like this it won't affect you in a negative way. The healthiest of all nuts is the walnut. Just like fruits nuts also help to increase your good mood. Especially in autumn they are very important.

In my next post I will say a little bit about prevention of sicknesses. Until then stay healthy an strong and don't forget to change your watch tonight.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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  1. I hope you feel better !!! Great tips !!!!
    I love movies, soup and nuts !!!
    Have a good week!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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