Hello friends of the night,

after one year it has come back, Halloween is back in town. For some it means candies more than usual, for some others one of the hottest partiest in the year and then there are are some creative ones who are looking forward to the costumes, the disguise... or should I say... cosplays?

On Halloween many kind of costumes meet: Sexy costumes, scary ones of creatures of the night and even fictional characters become real.

Now our days when you look a little bit different or outstanding you quickly get recognized. Either it's something about you or your style. Sometimes they are admiring glances but mostly the glances remain skeptical. Therefore Halloween is the night in which our deepest selves awake without any criticizing glances.

The ones that might celebrate as hard as the children and their parents are possibly the cosplayers. The cosplay culture has its origin in the hybrid-culture Japan. Later it was taken on by the USA and meanwhile the hype of this culture hits central and eastern Europe.

What is packed into the word cosplay basically means that you dress like a fictional character. It can either be a character from a video game, a movie or series or even an original character which you invent to the story of a game, movie or cartoon.

Sounds interesting? Let me present you some of mine.

Me as Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon

Me as Rima Touya from Vampire Knight

Below me as Ada Wong from Resident Evil:

And a headless zombie-Ada for Halloween...

Have yourself a spooky and happy Halloween.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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