Pancakes - Eat Them, Read Them & Celebrate With Them

Hello my sweet people,

last week was a literally very delicious week, I'm telling you because traditionally the Russian culture celebrates the so called Масленица (Maslenetsa) festival, every year in the last week of Febuary.
With this festival the people are telling the religious story of Jesus Christ who predicted, by that time, that people will betray him and that he will be crucified.
So in order to prepare himself for that he told people to be happy and celebrate because after that until Easter (which would be in 40 days) a time would follow in which people shall fast and hold back with their emotions.
Apart from that that people are also ringing the summertime in with this festival and drive away the bad things of the wintertime.

Traditionally this festival is celebrated with pancakes which you shall enjoy every day with another food.

Before I give you my recipe for pancakes I want to suggest you to sort out the first pancake you make and try to read its image. The closer you look the more you will find a message in it which will predict your life.

Can you recognize something?

So here the recipe for approximately 30 pancakes:

3 eggs
1l of milk
2 tablespoons of oil
4 cups of flour
(1/2 teaspoon of baking powder).

Last but not least I still have a little message for you:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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