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Good day my sweet people,

have you already made some delicious pancakes? Oh, you're as fully eaten as me? Then let's rather get back to something delicious for the eyes and the heart of a shopper, correct, new in. I am still amazed of the supergreat prize I made but I will not reveal anything, if you want to know any prizes please be so kind to ask me privately in a message or mail.

May I present:

I am usually dislike things that are overly hyped - and maybe you will scream now "oh my god, me too!!!" - such as the label Desingual but when your mother suggests you such a parka - black from the outside super deep red from the inside and with a love-commitment you simply can't say no to it.

Coming to this next big investment - like I told you I am planning bigger investments - you might agree with me about leather jackets being your most favorite jackets for the spring season, firstly and secondly that the good quality of leather matters and is more enjoyable. Black is of course a fantastic, sexy and cool color, but it is not the only color in the world, so I have decided to bring some bright shades into my spring closet also for a change and bright shades. Leather jacket by Street One.

Shade to shade is a trend you won't get rid off so soon, at least not this season, the more colorful the better it is. But more precisely I will express myself on my over-next blog post. Yellow tights was a color I didn't have in my collection yet but which will be of need latest in April. And because they were so cute and I knew I would need them one day in my closet I as well bought some white lace sockets (I would've bought black if they sold it.) Tights by Falke, sockets by Desirée.

Last but not least this skirt. Light, mint green - or indeed citrus green? - feminine and romantic. It was love at the first sight I'm telling you - especially because my closet lacks with this marvelous color and because it is from She by Karstadt.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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