The Aftermath: Fanciful, Fluid Clothes And Rough Black

Hello my beloved readership,

April, April it acts according to its will and so does fate: as if wanting to play a trick on us - it leads us to a way of wrong expectations and then - it is a matter of about one second - it makes our heart stand still for a moment and in the next one a big burden is falling off our shoulders

The phenomenon is comparable and in this context I would like to call it the aftermath. It is as paradox as if mixing tender fanciful, fluid clothes with rough black of leather or rather suede. "Opposites attract", we have learned about this already in the beginning of spring with the season's leading trend as well as in winter when fire and water collided in the colors blue and red. This commonly known collision is the long secretly known but newly revived harmony. Harmonious as this collision is as well fate's dealings with everyone of us. It is going with a flow of ups and downs of calmness and excitement.

When we are sure about us we lose but when we forget who we are we find back to ourselves the easiest. According to this we are not to know what to do but we maintain sure about us and the situations we give in to since many of us do not want to leave anything up to fate. What I can assure you is that we never know about the outcome, the aftermath. No matter how much we may calculate and plan every single point our power gets taken and then we become nothing but puppets to fate. Regardless whether our thinking is positive or negative life is a box of surprises, a wonderland we may say. To those who want to keep distance to the wonderland since they resist to believe that the aftermath is as positive as it is illustrated here I want to stand to the  statement that whether we believe or want to believe, accept it or not, the aftermath given by fate is always positive for egoists like us. We just have to find the positive aftermath in the eternal steady black. A rough black, because we do not necessarily make the search easy - even if it is lying pretty much on the surface.

My Look In Details:

  • Dress by New Yorker
  • Leather jacket by Gipsy
  • Ankle boots by C&A
  • Lipstick by Trend It Up (N°421)
  • Stud earrings by H&M
Love, Johanna

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