Colorful Collar Necklace By BornPrettyStore: Color Blocking - Charming Warrior

Hello my beloved readership,

how have you been? There is a horrible wave of influenza going around and nearly every of my fellows family and friends are sick, myself included. Make sure to take care of yourself. Nevertheless I can say that I am already starting to feel better slowly and want to set a strong return with stark contrasts combining dominant colors close to each other based on the colorful collar necklace by BornPrettyStore. This, also known as the trend color blocking made me a charming warrior.

Why do I need to be a warrior? Someone who sees me may think that I am wishlessly happy and live one of the best imaginable lives. I do not want to sound like I would not be thankful for all I have and all I am spared of in life but I want to meet these people who think so about me with a smile and tell them how much I have been and how much I am fighting everyday. I am not fighting against something or someone but for something. I am fighting for what I love and I am fighting to defend what I love.

There are many different things I love and stand for and sometimes at a certain degree these things do not reconcile with each other. At a certain point I have to block one of these things to integrate or rather please the other thing. But I can never leave one of the things out or aside since they are sharing the same amount of value in the different way. These things I am talking about are major things which can be described as strong characters for themselves.

But in the end each one is an important part of me and makes me who I am and thus the difference it is visible that even strong characters - each one a class on its own - get along very well together in one. It just needs someone to bring them together for example the colorful collar necklace by BornPrettyStore. Thanks to its various colors it has given me the courage to dare this stark combination. Charming as I am, I am able to show them the stop sign in a charming and gentle way by making them understand why things are impossible but strong enough to stay true to my sense for justice and fight if I need to.

My Look In Details

Love, Johanna

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