Happy New And Old New Year 2017!

Hello my most favorite readers,

happy new and old new year 2017! I am most happy to have you all back for the new year and I am looking forward to an exciting new year which is holding lots of big hopes in the first place.

The change of an old to a new year has a huge meaning to me namely to die as the sinful me in the old year and be reborn as saint in the new year. Therefore I have many "rituals" and traditions that I like to follow each year: I am creating a collage of photos with the highlights of my year and one of my best shots of the year as background in a private sphere, I create another collage on my Facebook page for you with one representing each month of the year and last but not least I for just myself write and burn special papers for a good omen in the new year.

Nevertheless while I dedicate the international and official new year for the big celebration as the holidays are set for that time, I am using the old new year which is taking place in the night from the 13th to 14th of January. Despite all the drama that was probably held in my explanation about my personal ritual and all the hardships I had to go through in the last year I can say that I look back at a great year 2016 and claim that it has been one of the best years I have had that has made me stronger, wiser, richer and encouraged me for this year we have ahead.

I already gave you some hints in the introduction that I am full of hopes for this year and therefore need as bigger prayers for fulfill and start new projects and new major stages of life. One thing I can already tell you is that way more looks, stories and articles will come with the new year and that something about this blog will hugely change, but you will get notified about it right on time.

One of my hopes is that you are at least just as satisfied with the old year as I was and that you have a positive outlook on this year.

Just as one year ago we have celebrated the new year with a huge dinner at home and welcomed the new year in Russian and Armenian time. After that my family along with the best company and I moved on to the Casino Esplanade in Hamburg and haunted good-luck-piggies this year in the colors green and blue, enjoyed Berliners as traditional meal for New Year's Eve along with sparkling wine, sung and danced on the dancefloor and enjoyed a beautiful firework from the balcony where we literally - at least I - stumbled into the new year.

While the rest of the world was wearing sequins I have stocked them at home since I have worn them already for my birthday and do not prefer to present an outfit once a year twice. Therefore I've spread gold all over my outfit for an even richer new year.

So, once again, happy new year!

My Look In Details:

  • Leather dress by Topshop
  • Mini handbag by Ted Baker
  • Lipstick by P2
  • High heels by Romwe
  • Tights by Sex And The City
  • Necklace and earrings by Bijou Brigitte
  • Watch by Tommy Hilfiger
  • Bracelet by I am
Love, Johanna

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