Hello my dearest readership,

with you I feel alive. With you by my side everything awakens to new life. The sky is alive, the flowers are alive, the people are alive - everyone is falling in love and creating love towards something or someone - the love that people have been holding inside them is spread outside again.
My world is colorful and wonderland has become a place on earth. Even if I fall you catch me with a soft bed of petals with your gentle touch on my skin. With the sound of your voice every even so heavy burden and problem looses its weight and finds its solution easily. With the look in your eyes I find my home, my refuge and my destination gathered together at one place.
This is a feeling I do not want to miss ever. It is the feeling of safety and rescue, the feeling of love and happiness, the determination to fight and win and face every shadow. You bring out the most precious values unconditionally without a prize. I feel alive, because you are my life.

Just as colorful and happy the jewelry by BornPrettyStore have made me. They made me bring out color and life and spread the love the single pair of rhinestone colorful earrings and the separate ring are just meant for each other to create the perfect set of bijoux. I have brought them together like destiny brought me together with a wonderful being that brings out just positivity out of me. The perfect mix come together is an eye-catcher to anyone because they spread a magic to the world that is enchanting the whole surrounding. We all know that it is not everything gold that gleams - just like every happy person is known to have its struggles too - but this jewelry seems to be real gold to the eye, high-quality and noble, because of its beautiful sparks and that is all that matters. As long as the sparks are still there the value remains high.

Top - Clockhouse
Leggings - L&B
Pumps - She by Karstadt
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger
Bracelet - Douglas

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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