Life Is Art, So Are We

Hello my dear readership,

according to the weather one could think that winter is just starting but the calendar says it is spring with the official beginning on March 21st, the shopping malls say it is spring with all the designers' bright, colorful and fanciful spring collections shining through the shop-windows and my feelings anyway say it is spring with love towards life, people and what I do.

It is about time to dress springlike. If not from cuts of the clothes themselves then at least from the colors. There is a concept in cold-season as well as in warm-season collections. While cold season is dominated by unapproachable blacks, greys, deepness and eternity new awaken warm seasons always have a story to tell and celebrate the rebirth with happiness and playfulness. In any way fashion is always art.
What makes warm seasons my favorites are leather, leather jackets and... well leather simply just as my beloved flowers - my trademark. Spring is life, spring is being alive. Spring is to love, to dare and to think positive - if we have lacked of sun so far - and what could help us with that more than bright colors? The color palette of spring is the brightest because everything is allowed on spring. It is simply the rainbow that comes with the sunshine after rain.

Even if the concept stays the same there is always something to shop, one of my first destinations is A place that is collecting all luxurious brands at one place from anywhere in this world. Check out my wishlist below:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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