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Hello my beloved friends,

after Christmas is before Christmas, no, it is even better for what concerns getting cool new stuff such as - in my case - clothes and accessories. The prizes drop, the shopping booms. But only because something is on sale it does not mean that it is of low quality. It just means that the season changes and space has to be made for new. I for myself can say that despite season-change and winter-sale I have still found timeless and trendy clothes and I am very well equipped for next year.

Check out my new in below:

Every classy girl needs her basic black clutchbag. Personally I love those big ones since you can pack
more necessarities into them, apart from that in the 80s it was the lady's basic bag for everyday-life.
Especially this black one gives colorful reflections to the light. By Tom Taylor Denim

Actually I already have enough cosmetic bags but when the image on it calls for irresistable images I just
cannot say no. Keep Calm And ...Carry On bag by Douglas

My argument to buy this bag was that is is purple. But apart from that the shoppers have become my 
basics for everyday life since they give a lot of space and are comfortable to wear. I recomment
colorful shoppers for everyone. By Douglas

The mini-bag to go out with has become a widely spread trend especially for the elegant girl. The
shoulder bag is insofar good that you have the freedom to hold it in your hand or not without losing it
at noble events. My choice: Ted Baker

The mask is a teaser for a future project, that is all I reveal for now. By Douglas

Pearl bracelets are as well basics of mine. I love to wear them as eye-catcher for a complete noble look. By Douglas

Another bracelets I love to wear are big one-pieces. I just do not feel comfortable with few on my
wrist. By Sweet Deluxe

I have extended my collection of classy big earrings and statement necklaces, to wear with blouses.
So I have bought a matching bracelet to a complete jewelry set. By Tosh

Another blue classy eaarings by Tosh

If you are in love and want show it wear scarves full of hearts. I fell in love with the blue one one but for
a good deal I was also covinced the pink version. By Douglas

Every woman at the age of 30 should have found her own basic fragrance. Mine is "Hypnôse" by

Soon I am going to talk about bag basics. This is one of them, a mini-umbrella for rainy days. I wanted
mine to be a stylish one fitting to me. By Douglas

I should come out of black according to my dear parent and green for a parka
is the perfect alternative basic. By Peckott

I said goodbye to my old black basic for transition into winter but since I
needed a new one my mother knew that she bought me this with very noble
buttons. By She

I have become a faux-fur vest addict. It is after all a good accessory for winter
to keep oneself warm inside in winter. Just like the poncho for fall. By Yorn

The surprise of the day. After edgy boots I wanted long elegant ones with a heel.
The only good ones I have found are these ones by Zanon & Zango, however 
since I could not make a good deal and they were too expensive like this my 
parents were luckier the next day and surprised me with them.

I have never worn comfortable pumps like these. Furthermore they fit perfect to my dirndl with which I
want to visit this year finally. By s.Oliver

And finally little gifts for good shoppers :);)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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