Rock This Fall

Hello sweet people,

people are false, people are mean, people are selfish. People are looking for proper benefits instead of pushing their fellow men further to their success, people enjoy the fame for themselves and neglect to give back just as much attention to their support, let me notice, witout whom they themselves would be nothing, people smile in your face but in their world you are not welcome, people complain but they do not want to learn, people like critcize everything you do but seriously their actions are not necessarily better, people are aggressive and rough to you, they just stampf more on your already damaged soul, people mistrust you while you stand for what you do and you know that they indeed do bad things secretly, people put their weaknesses on you. People yell before they listen. People hate, before they understand.

These people steal your energy. Do not let them do this. Their time to give their answer is going to come.

Fall is hard because they sun went down. Fall is the time when you do not see any light. Summer that has been embracing you with its charming warmth is over. And so? According to me the real fun begins when the sun goes down. Let it be cold. I will be cooler. Let it be hard. I will be harder. Me and my rock equipent are already waiting to rock this fall because nothing is so much fun than my gloomy black soul that is going to eat you up in the middle of nowhere. I rock it to concentrate on the cool vibes that are pushing me further. I cover myself in the gloomy fog to defend myself from the disgusting selfishness they people demonstrate. I wear black to at least feel love to this deep color that I feel a bond to. Rock this fall for the sake of its beauty. People enjoy the single-player and competition because they have forgotten how strong the power of collectivism can be. The style of rock.

Coat - Romwe
Leather leggings - Romwe
Boots - GUESS?
Cap - H&M
Scarf - Fun Mod
Lipstick - P2

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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