It's All About Love

Hello my beautiful people,

what is the word you get to hear the most? For what concerns me I guess it is "love". Four letters, one word, thousands of meanings.

I get to hear it the most because I speak out this word very much in my everyday life. I love you, I love him, I love it... I simply love love!
I love to love, I love to be loved and I love to feel love. It does not even have to concern me necessarily. But love is the best thing in this world. It is the term that is hardest to express but that makes it even easier to explain and understand without words. Love is the purest thing because it is honesty, it is motivation and inspiration and it is the fortune of all being. Love might hurt or be mean sometimes but let us be honest, love keeps us going. We are living to love and we love to live. Love the feeling that keeps us alive, After all the most influencial poets and artists Wilhem Busch once said: "The sum of our life are the hours in which we loved."
Everything has to be about love and passion. Whether it is worth it in the end or not, if you do not do it with love do not expect the result to be good.

It is all about love.

dungarees, t-shirt - Laura Beauté
high heels - Deichmann
watch - Chanel
necklace, earrings - SIX
lipstick - P2

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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