Hot Summer

Hello guys,

"chick; chick, chick,chic", I was called, "you are turning all the men's heads", they said once I dared to show myself in hot pants in public. Well why not playing the game if you are holding the cards in your hands and the conditions are perfect to do it in this hot summer. As I always love to fork out something more I do not even turn heads with my looks but as well with a car that lets every man's heart beat higher. 
I like to play the games however in its limits. Because I do not play and I am looking for someone who as well does not play but likes to play the games. Be light and free to make everyone melt in all the hotness.

Top - L&B
Bandeau, sun glasses - C&A
Denim hot pants - New Look
Watch - D&G

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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