Made My May

Good day my beloved readership,

can you believe that for one month I was hiding a secret from you? Please do not leave and be hurt now. No one knew about it... well, apart from my best friend. "Made My May" is what I named this project. It is not about having a day in may that topped everything else I have experienced in my whole life - which was still the case - but from first to 31st May being able to find something that made my day each day of May.
"Do you think you will achieve this?", my best friend asked me.
Yes! The secret and aim of this project is to see value in the little things in life and to not follow the mainstream but to recognize personal values.

I will be most glad to share Made My May in the following with you:

May 1st: I made real my perfectionized cosplay of Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6 which was then featured on the Official Resident Evil Instagram page. This was a big honor to me.
May 2nd: My look "Masterpiece" was liked by the Armenian singer Vahe Tilbian who is living in Ethiopia whom I cherish a lot. He was in the super groupe Genealogy that represented Armenia this year in the Eurovision Song Contest.
May 3rd: I got my first - and so far only - message from Stephanie Topalian an Armenian/Japanese singer whom I like very much because of the fact that there is another Armenian on the other side of the world who is into J-Cult and anime. She was also in the super group Genealogy.
May 4th: Catherine Oxenberg showed me recognition and liked one of my posts on Instagram. It was unexpected but it gave me hope again and happiness.
May 5th: Thank you for 300 followers on Instagram. Thanks to everyone who stayed and everyone who joined me and my little world.
May 6th: I finally got renewed what got lost but is very important in my purse. I was very sad because I could not explain myself how it could happen.
May 7th: I have created a new concept on my blog with the make-up/accessory-post. You have most likely noticed it if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If I cannot present you a look I will present you whhat kind of style I use for what occasion.
May 8th: After over a year or friendship, many hardships which we have mastered and many failed tries finally me and my other best friend who is my little sister have met and spent an unforgettable weekend together here in Hamburg which strengthened our bond just more.
May 9th: The day was amazing anyway but in the evening me and my little sister got a message from someone very important which still flashes us.
May 10th: The day which started sad because my little sister had to leave again but I received a very cute message from her which brightened my day again.
May 11th: Mary-Jean O'Doherty the Australian representative from Genealogy finally sent me the answers for the interview and finally I could publish an article about this superkind girl for you on my blog. Thank you!
May 12th: My mother brought home a plant which we named after me - very selfish, I know.
May 13th: Nikki the first guitarist from Her Bright Skies liked one of my Instagram posts. His kindness is my pleasure.
May 14th: A beautiful day all the way since it was my father's birthday and a very important friend came back and we could enjoy a little contact again.
May 15th: I got good news concerning my grand-mother. That relieved me.
May 16th: I have had a successful day at work which is always something to make my day.
May 17th: Another news that relieved me was that a payment I have done finally arrived.
May 18th: I have had a more than good time-plan. Always a happiness for an organizing-freak like me.
May 19th: The Eurovision Song Contest took place again and my country of origin Armenia passed to the grand final.
May 20th: Mika Newton Ukraine representative in Eurovision 2011 liked my post on Instagram.
May 21st: I have had a spontaneous meeting with my best friend which I enjoyed very much.
May 22nd: Great talks with great people are always something to make my day.
May 23rd: The Grand Final of Eurovision 2015 took place and we have had a great evening and full house at home.
May 24th: An important friend and I had a talk after a long period again and he surprised me with an interview.
May 25th: It is always a painful process but I have finally started my first seminary paper.
May 26th: My blog celebrated its third anniversary. I could not be more proud.
May 27th: I have finally found a systematic concept to work on making my biggest dream real and have built contacts willing to help me.
May 28th: My little sistr surprised me with a very cute post.
May 29th: Surround yourself with good people, they say. Especially at work. This was the case when one of my customers said to me that I am a sweetheart.
May 30th: Another good dialogue with a good person that made my day.
May 31st: The two most precious people in my little sister's and my life showed us the importance of a strong bond which we want to achieve as well.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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