Eastcoast Baby

Hello my beautiful people,

hands up for a proud eastcoast because no matter how modern, advanced or influencial the westcoast might be my roots are lying in the eastcoast. Even if I live rather in the west I have never felt eastern like this before.
What does it mean to be eastern? It means to put high values on traditions and heritage. It means to be an unity and moreover a brotherhood. The warm embracing eastcoast is a solidarity where you do not feel something like comeptition. Eastern value means to respect your rivals sharing the love towards what you do and to learn from them. Because in the eastcoast we are not building barrieres when we are confronted with competitions but we are lending them a hand because we are not afraid to fail to our rivals. We are giving effort to higher our quality and to be more original and still be ourselves.
Up on the eastcoast we have a saying: No pain, no game. Through suffer and success we are using our own hands instead of some other's so we are building our own original mark. I live in the west but I am an eastcoast baby.

Sunglasses - C&A
Tee - She by Karstadt
Faux leather PU legging - Romwe
Ankle boots - Akira
Vest - GDM
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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