Rights & Wrongs

Hello my beloved readership,

already in our early childhood we were taught about rights and wrongs and about what is good and bad. "You shall not do this!", "one does not do that!" - but since when is there someone who knows what is right and wrong or good and bad in our individual case of feelings and situations? The truth is that we can collect countless advices from many different people. But in the end...? What does it help when they have no idea of our rights and wrongs. We are the only ones who know what we want and according to that we have to act. This will be our right and good acting even if it might seem wrong for outsiders.

You know this complexity of human being is as if two completely different colors or rather shades - let us say sandy beige and black - get confronted with each other and form an unexpected and unusual but popular season trend - for example in spring. But take a deeper look and think again, we are just awaking and opening up from a very cold and hard season and we aren't robots to work according to one switch we have to recreate ourselves for the warmth of spring. Therefore a chaotical pattern is nothing but a mirror to our inner state.

Cardigan - Paparazzi
Rollneck - Street One
Belt - C&A

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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