Every Look Tells A Story

Good evening and happy holidays my dearest readership,

welcome back to Fall4Me, the fashion and lifestyle blog by Johanna Karajan. Did you get a shock about the radical change of this blog?
Well, I dare to believe that the radical changes I am surrounded by in everyday life got me motivated. After all the stress from the past days and weeks my creative mind got flashed by wanting to make magic.

Personally I think that this new design underlines my personality and the meaning of this blog much better. Since this in the first place my personal blog I provided you a review of my best looks so far from which each looks bears a personal story that is coming from the bottom of my heart.
I'd like to make this clear: I don't like writing about fashion! I also don't understand why I should. Not because I wouldn't have an idea about fashion or trends but because I have well working eyes like - I dare to assume - everybody else who visits this blog. I'd rather let my photographs and my looks speak out what I do not find necessary to write down. After all fashion is the most beautiful way to express yourself, so the slogan of this blog.

I love to read blogs and I would love to read more blogs because the author is sharing his deepest thoughts, mind and experiences with his readership. It is the biggest and most precious gift a person can give to us.
Every look as every photograph is a memory that is lying in our heart and our mind blurry and darkened, but alive.
Of course photos are what keep a fashion blog alive but if it's your personal blog you should be able to share some thoughts. Therefore I changed the cover to black and white. I would like you to read the language of my photos and concentrate on them. After all the cover comes from an article you have met already.
Besides from that - just as my closet reveals - I prefer black over white and kept it dark. My blog is designed in the style of the new minimalism that bears a touch of me.

I hope that you like the new design of my blog, also I hope that this more personal design will invite you to come back to my blog more frequently.

Welcome back to Fall4Me. Let's write and tell stories together.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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