British Nostalgia

Hey, hey you, yes you, wake up...

Let's take the train and go to a place called beautiful. It is full of walks that make you feel lost for a moment but just like in every adventure there are signs that lead you the right direction. Every little seeming thing there hides a big treasure and you find yourself breath-taking, speechless, lost in memories...

Do you remember when we just walked around not caring what others might have thought of us? Do you remember when we led the way without even knowing where we are going? Do you remember when how we just laughed about everything and lived the way we wanted?

Now we want control and if we can't have it we put ourselves down. Now we live according to the strage eye and if we aren't good enough for this eye we feel bad. Now we live according to time and money and if we don't have it we limit ourselves.

When I drove back in the night looking into the horizon I smiled and realized, live and let life drive you like the train you are sitting in. Relax your mind and relax your heart and let yourself be embraced by your surrounding. And with every morning you opening your eyes you will collect the treasures you wished for, bit for bit.

Look: British Tweet
Hat - Görtz
Bag - Guess?
Shirt - Cache Cache
Joggers - C&A
Boots - Belmundo
Earrings - I am
Watch - Chanel
Medallion - H&M
Leather Jacket - Gipsy

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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