New In For Easter

Bonjour mes chers,

I hope you had relaxing and happy Easter days, for us Christians it is the happiest event right after Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, because he has resurrected after he was crucified on the Good Friday for our all sins. This resurrection showed us that our sins can and will be forgiven.

Apart from the religious point I also love Easter because of the Easter or rather mid-season sales. My best friend New Look was included in these sales, too.
Check out my new in below:

 A comfortable to wear beautiful, big, silver bracelet according to my taste, chosen by mother, by New Look.

 When I went shopping I thought I need a beautiful big and gold necklace. It was as if my mother had 
known that so she saved this one by New Look for me to like and buy - look following soon!

 Not only stripes stay and get hyped and chased as if the trend was set
yesterday but also the Polka dots from last year and of course a vintage
and blouse freak had to take this by New Look.

I chose to buy only things I really don't have in my closet and 
necessarily need but firstly you can't say no to the washing of 
these high-waist sexy slim jeans by New Look and also I 
needed new summer jeans.

The shade and blue of these earrings caught my eyes and captured my eyes so that I had to by these
elegant pastel colored earrings by SIX. 

And also this SIX-limited necklace seemed to have waited for me because just last year I have bought
trendy "blue-mood" earrings in this style and now I have found the perfect necklace.

And here and some gift from my dear grandmother and mother - mother and daughter have a very good taste!

Thank you by darlings ♥

What about you? What did you get for Easter?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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