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one of my followers wished a post where I write about the fragrances I use. So here I go with my most preferred selection.

Without wearing perfume I don't start my day. I usually like to try many different perfumes and discover new fragrances that please me. I actually like sweet and fresh fragrances which aren't too strong.

My most favourite fragrance will always stay Lolita Lempicka Eau de Toilette. It's the fragrance I immediately fell in love with many years ago. Not only because of the beautiful (purple) flacon but also because of of its sweet smell good for young ladies or adults. It's a fragrance I would always recommend because no matter where you go - to school or out in the evening - it always works.

A fragrance I also love is Intimately Beckham for women. But this one is a little bit stronger even though it is sweet. Therefore I would rather recommend you to use it on special occasions or when you go out with friends in the evening. It would also work for a date.
The Be Delicious fragrance by DKNY is a rather fresh and strong one but because it is so fresh you can use in your everyday-life. It is perfect for for the spring season and stimulates you for the sunny time and also gives you some power and positive emotions.

The label Escada has never disappointed me what concerns their fragrances. You can say it's my most favourite label for perfumes.

The older fragrance Pacific Paradise is a real summer-perfume. For those who have never tried it, it's very sweet and strong but also has something fresh in it so that it becomes the perfect summer-fragrance. Because it makes you wear colourful clothes and accessoires and become the sunshine and eye-catcher on the beach.

The newer perfumes by Escada - Absolutely me and Desire me are less strong and sweet. If not to say they are rather elegant fragrances you can use everywhere just like the Lolita perfume. Whereas those two fragrances can be used by elder women and aldults better than for little girls.

Two years ago in winter I used Absolutely me since last year my everyday-accompany has become the fragrance Desire me.
Insider-tipp: during Christmas time they sell a special version in Germany, two roller balls 2x 6ml for 9,99 €. In case you don't know what to get for next Christmas you now do know it ;)

And in every case I have the cologne Fa - Luxurious Moments with me in my bag. It has something sweet but is rather sensual.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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