Bright Jeans


jeans in general are timeless loved to be worn in the most different varieties. Even though it's supposed to be hot in summer you shouldn't go without them in the season.
My favourites for summer are bright and flat jeans which are casual, too. Combine them in a sporty and fresh style with chucks or vans with bright jeans like those you can also once wear strong colours or black on the top what I wouldn't wear is grey bcause the look could become easily bored.

There is a second option for summer: Green jeans also flat and casual with them I would recommand wedge heels and yellow or white tops.

IMPORTANT: DON'T SHORTEN your jeans, they can be torn or rolled up. There can be the danger that the look can be lost and look too strict or plain besides from that they might become too short.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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