The Way To Go

Hello my beloved readership,

before I tell my story today and show you the look to it, I do not want to miss to wish you a happy belated first Advent and with that a blessed, joyful, warm and sensual Christmas time full of magic, hope and love. Do not forget according to the Chinese calendar the upcoming year is the year of the cock, so among others mine. Here are the Advent wreaths at our home. How do yours look?

How To Bloom In Fall

Hello my dear readers,

when season gets darker the colours get more intense just like our thoughts. After all on a black field of endless deepness everything on the surface is shown to better advantage because you have no chance to concentrate on the surrounding. That is why the night, the queen of darkness, is the mother of thoughts

JoJo’s Mad Love

Hello my dear readership,

what is one of the greatest things to await you at home after a long day at work? For me it was last week a little package. Its flat and square form revealed to me that it must have been the CD I have been waiting for excitedly: JoJo's "Mad Love."

Close To The Heart

Hello my dear readers,

before I begin to talk about my new nail art I would like to share my snapshots oft he first snow in Hamburg with you. Beautiful, is it not? With the beginning of November we are pretty early with snow and the Christmas feelings connected with it this year

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