Happy Birthday Miu Nails!

Ciao belli,

I hope you all stood healthy because the wave of sickness also caught me. I even couldn't enjoy the workday I have been looking forward to but I have made my first advisory service in Russian today as a little highlight.

As I have already told you on my last nail-post my most favorite nail studio "Miu Nails & Wellness" celebrated its one year anniversary this month. I was happy to be told that the business is running well and congratulate them once again with all my heart.

For their regular customers (among others me and my mother) they have had a little gift in order to that (a little bottle of alcohol with which you can polish your nails) and a 5-€-gift card.

On Thursday I have visited them for a new liquid gel manicure: I have chosen the trend color black even more trendy combined with my most favorite color purple as a twisted colorful accent. The stylist then added a heart and crystals. Perfect, isn't it?

Photos: Miu Nails & Wellness

I plan to go there before Christmas again and get something glittery for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Вопросы И Ответы - Questions & Answers

Привет and hello my loves, 

for today I have decided to present you another university look which was inspired by Catherine Oxenberg but not to write about fashion, my experiences or day but to post questions & answers which I and my mates were asked in the Russian classes when we were learning how to express things we like. 

Blouse - New Look; belt - Paparazzi; baggy pants - C&A; ankle boots - 

What is your favorite city? 
- Таллин (Tallinn, Estonia - other cities I love almost equal to it are Cannes, Geneva, Riga, Istanbul, Erevan, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Milano, Venezia, St. Petersburg, Osaka, Munich and Vienna. You should know I am a passionate traveller) 

Which is your favorite café? 
- Рэвал кафе (Reval Café in Estonia) 

Do you have a question? 
- What do you like most about my blog? 

What would you like to know in Russian? 
- Что-такое "nice to meet you" по русский? (What does "nice to meet you" mean in Russian?)

Which was the last film you have watched? 
- Rush Hour III 

Which film do you recommend? 
- Я рекомендую "Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück" (engl.: "Groupies don't stay for breakfast"). Эта фильм немецкий, типичный немецкий но хорошо фильм очен прекрасно. (I recommend the film "Groupies don't stay for breakfast". It is a German film, typical German but good and very beautiful. - Other films I would recommend are "The Devil Wears Prada", "Shrek, the third", "Rush Hour I - III", "Austin Powers 1-3" and "Spanglish" and certainly many more.) 

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


Ahoi sailors, 

as we say on the ocean. No I haven't become crazy over the weekend or lost the ground under my feet. The secret is that Saturday the famous department store I work at the Alsterhaus celebrated it's traditional Christmas party in form of a classy, noble and chic dinner as you can just expect it from such a high class company such as it is. 

This dinner goes every year under another motto this time on my first one it was "Captain's Dinner" in which the boss of the store was the captain on the cruise (ship). 

This unforgettable dinner and party gave me new beautiful and unforgettable memories and experiences of the finest with great people. 

Enjoy some photos below (I only give you photos from me to watch because of privacy reasons towards my colleagues thank you for your comprehension). 

Hors d'oeuvre 

main dish 


Classy live-music among other by Frank Sinatra sang by David Duvain

OOTD: Dress - C&A; pumps - Deichmann (PCD-collection), bag - Yves Saint Lauren

Photo charity, the money goes to the children who suffer from cancer.

P.S.: the from this Saturday on the shops in Hamburg are open again until 9 pm. Having this in mind I wish you a great shopping and magical Christmas time. Relax and collect new positive energy for the new year. 

Aye, aye ♥ Johanna

This Is What Makes Us Girls

Hello my lovlies,

have a great start into the new week. For myself I can say that it was great because a great and early weekend is awaiting me with my best friend apart from that yesterday when I was looking for new mascara in my cosmetic bags I have found all my lost red lipsticks and hair clips again.

I know that I said I won't go shopping anymore but I also know that everyone of you can relate to the situation if your mother invites you to a shopping tour you can't resist especially if you find clothes in your most favorite color (purple) and preferred style, from a clothing you actually needed still, and of course one of your most favorite brand. Apart from that I could never refuse my beloved mother's question.
Well, this is what makes us girls.

See it below:

Bag - Hello Kitty

Marlene pants, pullover - She by Karstadt

Christmas accessories (because I wanted hearts) - Karstadt

And this arried from Armenia sent by my most favorite cousin who was on holiday back to the roots there (I was actually supposed to go with her but I couldn't because I got my job in the beloved Alsterhaus as happy compromise). And no, I don't only love her because she exactly caught my taste with silver, purple crystals and elements of the night.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Accessory Of The Month

Hello my sweethearts,

no, this month I haven't forgotten about the accessory but the previous blog entries of this month pushed themselves in the foreground.

Anyway: it's cold, it's rainy, it's windy... And so? Is this a reason not to go trendy? No! Completely the opposite, especially by this time of the year every fashionable girl has them in her wardrobe: Black leather boots with rivets or chains, flat and round at at forth.

These boots are made for being fashionable, suitable for every kind of occasion and look and comfortable which is very important because you won't slip away with them and can take long walks quickly and safely.

My version are the long ones by Paparazzi because they make optically long legs and are very elegant. Which one is yours?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Black Is The New Black

Hello my lovelies,

finally I could manage to make a photoshoot (and above it a great one) presenting you one of my most favorite looks (naturally) inspired by Catherine Oxenberg aka Amanda Carrington.

The greatest thing about this look is that I can with it present you the new trend of Fall/Winter 13/14. Black is back in business, baby!
We enjoyed blue as the new black (with happiness) in the warm season with great color combinations which founded dreamteams in this year.

"The new black" so called founds "the new look" - it is about all shades of black reaching grey, according to the Alsterhaus, KaDeWe and Oberpollinger Season issue of Fall and the campaign model Karolina Kurkova. "The new look" gets completed with a colorful accent which brings some "twist" in the look.

Dress, belt - Paparazzi; scarf - Douglas; pumps - Deichmann

One of you asked about further details about my job in the Alsterhaus. Usually I dedicate blog posts to your questions but this time I would like to ask you to write me an e-mail if you are interested: fashionblogj.k.@googlemail.com

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

I Will Not Go Shopping Anymore!

Hello my dear hearts,

I hope the title didn't shock you too much but after you have seen my this time's shopping results in the following you will accept it.

It's not like I will not go shopping anymore or for now - I wouldn't survive that anyway - I just mean my wardrobe is well recharged now with the trends and missing items of the season and now I can save my money for bigger investment - such as coats, Christmas or even my holiday plans for the first quarter of next year - I plan going to Armenia or Munich because my family and cousin are begging me and my beloved Estonia, big adventures and great people are awaiting me and I can't wait for it, besides from that I have missed it very badly in these almost three years.

To be honeyt this shopping also comforted me because I thought I lost a precious friend of mine who returned in the evening.

New comfortable black slippers for work by C&A

Wish: black (transparent, silk) blouse - check! By Adagio (Karstadt) - wearing here in the colors of Mexico (red, green, white) and details in the colors of Guatemala (blue, white) for my presentation at university.

Wish: trendy denim blouse - check! Caught even two at C&A and the one above even fulfills two in one wishes with the black transparent blouse. Shopping connects people: When I was in the changing room brooding if I should take the dark, middle, light jeans blouse with black transparent one girl who was waiting for her friend suggested me (very correctly) the dark one and said it would suit me best - apart from that I already bought a light jeans blouse.
What do you think?
Trend alert: Denim loves red lips.

Wished and looked for: black baggy pants wide on the top, slim at the bottom - check! Found at C&A, inspired by Katrin Siska.

Not wished for but it caught my eye since my idol Catherine Oxenberg wore it on in Dynasty where she played Amanda Carrington. And now a very important advice I want to give you: If you fall in love with something... BUY IT! I have already seen this shirt when I went shopping with my mother two weeks ago back then with discount but she didn't want to spend money on it. Then I also didn't know that I would've got a 25 € gift-card for Karstadt and Alsterhaus because I worked on Sunday as a thank. When I nervously rushed to the city center to get it in my big university break, it was sold out. I am telling you I was so depressed that I couldn't eat anything. Like my colleague correctly said, I saved a lot of money. At university my friends laughed at me - they simply didn't understand me but I know you do. Well yesterday on my shopping trip I thought I could go and take a look at NEW LOOK and what did I see? The same thing that caught my eye. This shirt was back recharged but not with discount sadly but I still had my giftcard so it's okay. As a worker of that company I still got discount but almost fell down the stairs and broke my knee because I was in a rush when I got it.
I did find it on the internet but then I would've spent more money on it. Well the moral is that we are simply meant to be, just like Amanda aka Catheriner and it. It was one of my happiest but also most stressful and hectic (shopping-)days ever. But don't worry, I'm alive, healthy and fine.

Christmas tree in the trendy burgund naturally.

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna

Club Can't Handle Me & I Can't Handle The Club

Hello my most favorite people,

wow, already the 200th blog-entry, I can't believe how quickly the posts were written, especially because I remember my 100th blog-entry, from March of this year, as if it was yesterday. Just eight months later no. 200 comes which means I have become faster.
I made it special with a trend entry back then and now I will celebrate it by a post dedicated to one of my readers and followers. Of course every post is somehow dedicated to each one of you but today I will make a post where I answer one of my fans' questions again.

I was asked which clubs I like going to. I am actually happy to be asked this because now something gets official which everyone should know about me and which everyone who knows me knows already: I am not a party girl!

Okay that sounded even worse than it actually is. I do like parties but only three types of it: 
  1. Party in closed societies (friends) 
  2. Party with class or quality 
  3. and party on holiday.
I don't like Hamburg's famous party scene, the so called "Kiez" in St. Pauli and around in north Germany because I don't like to drive long roads just for a night out, besides from that I can't go on parties in Hamburg because I always connect my everyday life and its duties with it. I do go to parties in Tallinn (Estonia) and in Cannes (France) they do have great places like the "Butterfly Lounge" or "Les Marches Club Cannes" and the "Casinos Barrière" where as well great events take place. The only club I like in Hamburg is the "20 Up Bar".

 I miss my male bestie and Estonia

In Hamburg I rather prefer (self arranged) house parties in closed societies or when we rent a location - like we did on my 18th birthday or my brother's 20th birthday - but more than that I love to have quality dinners with friends or our wonderful chilled evenings in a smaller group at home with "Sing Star and a "Wii" among others. I also love dancing evenings at times.

What about you and parties?

If you have questions for me don't hesitate to ask :)
I will answer them with big pleasure.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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