Shopping Results & Trends Of The Week

Good evening sweethearts,

forgive me that it has become late again but summertime always means planning, planning, planning and being outside too but therefore we have more energy in summer to stay up long and enjoy the one or other calm evening or follow the news in the next morning.

I would like to share the good news with you before I come to the actual post. Finally one more work is left until I can fully enjoy the big summer holidays and today I've got my first seminary paper back with a good grade so another big burden fell off my shoulders and one thing less to worry about.

About this week's shopping I can say that I literally raided the the British label New Look which we have in the shop Karstadt in the city center of Hamburg. Since Monday I have gone shopping there with my mother almost every day - she fell for Laura Biagiotti. With that I could present you some shoppingable summerlooks on my Lookbook. I remember that once I've told you that my main shopping outfit includes black opaque tights and a skirt. In summer you don't wear it naturally therefore in summer I mainly wear shorts, sandals to take off quickly and easily and a top or longtops with leggings and sometimes even skirts or pants - it actually depends on my other plans.

In this post I will not only present you shopping results but also (coming) trends.

Day #1: A day when you actually first look what the shops offer you. Mostly a day to check out things and sleep a night over them and compare if necessary. You just buy things you have to have and those from which only few or single ones are left.

Wedges - Görtz17: Here I remind you of the pastel trend and the trend of the rich and beautiful of the 80s combined in one. The trendy girl of today walks through the shopping malls mean and at least 10 cm taller and which trendy girl doesn't love high shoes on which you can walk safe and comfortably?

Earrings - I am: Big earrings are another trend of the 80s and black earrings are always needed if not now because blue is the new black then later for sure. Black will return for winter more glamorous than ever with dark red lips.

Tights and leggings - Hudson: The leggings give you a little peek to the "Accessory of the Month: August": printed pants or rather leggings but more precize it will be next week. About the tights I can remind you of the trend of the colored pants in winter and tights in fall. This trend will remain. Do you see the coral colored pants? We have two new reds this year but a summer without coral isn't a summer.

Top & Pullover - Mango: What catches your eye? - The beautiful embroidered shoulders? Another 80s trend and something which always catches my eye because this style looks always so noble no matter how casual you wear it. Rivets and silver for winter, colorful and big for summer.

Day #2: On That day we've checked out another Karstadt in Hamburg to buy cosmetics from our dear shop assistant. She again gave me great samples for perfumes as I've bought my powder from Shiseido.

Day #3: The day when we returned to the city center but the dress I saw on New Look was already away :'( you can certainly imagine how frustrated I was. But other new great clothes becalmed my heart.

Waist jeans - New Look: If you watched the show "Shopping Queen" by Guido Maria Kretschmer on the German VOX  this week it was about the "Jeans Queen" and her perfect Denim look. I would recommend waist jeans, especially these ones were a real lucky catch because the waist was perfect on me as the length. Usually the jeans are too long on me because I'm not very tall (1,65 m). They are very elegant in the world of casuality and also belong to the 80s and 90s when you mosty either wore your tops under the pants or short tops. A few years ago this trend was celebrated for nowadays, too.

 Longtop - New Look: In a flower print. At this point I remind you of the flower-trend from last month and  give you a preview on how to wear the coming "Accessory of the Month".

Summer blouse - New Look: Something I adore blouses without a collar.

 Tank top - New Look: In the trendy coral. Rather something for fall/winter.

Shorts - New Look

Day #4: Today we actually went shopping for my father and brother but it is always worth checking out New Look because today I've found beautiful jewelries in the 80s style and torn bright jeans. Is trendier even possible?

My big weakness - Pears and ribbons - be elegant (!) with stud earrings.

I really raided New Look didn't I? - Enjoy the trends and shopping results!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Time To Make Two Short Points.

Hello my sweethearts ♥

I hope you missed me as much as I missed you as it has been a little while since my last "delicious" post. Talking about it has anyone of you already tried to prepare it? And did you like it?
Well you can tell me later.

I have to apologize for having let you wait so long for this post but my last essay and health condition didn't let me blog as planned.Today I have finished and feel much much better.

First of all I want to refer you to my brother's Blog and Twitter. He has already blogged for a few months and discovered the social network for himself today. He will be very happy about many new follwers just like me.
His posts are mainly about criticism on our society spiced with a satirical language. But explore it yourself: The wish for more.

Secondly I would like to thank you for over 200 followers on Instagram, it really made my day on Sunday and for many new followers on Facebook when the new week started. It was just a perfect start.

Thirdly I want to refer you to the Facebook page of my dancing school which is looking for a new cover photo made by fans. You can vote by just "liking" the photo(s) you like. Mine is also in the competition and I would be very grateful to get your vote.
Fourthly (and now we are also coming to the main topic of today's post) heartily congratulations to duchess Kate and Prince Willian to their cute "Baby Cambridge" - What do you think the baby's name will actually be? - I could think it would be the name of one of his ancestors.

The title of today's post and Kate's dress already tell a lot about today's trend-entry. But this ambiguous title includes more. A two trends in one post entry about shorts and points or rather dots.

The cheeky dots have already always been trendy, especially for spring and summer. No matter how you wear or combine them, they always give your look the feminine touch. And whoever claims that those dots are something for mothers or grandmothers hasn't met the chic and elegant girl of today wearing them and even the new mother Kate looks rather girly than old-fashioned in her dots.

Kate before her motherhood

The dots mostly remind of a sexy, elegant and feminine young woman of the 50s, the time of Marilyn Monroe, who may have set this trend. Therefore this trend is worn best with deep (dark) red lips (matt) and pearls. But that doesn't mean that this trend is only made for blondes. Kate and I presented you the opposite.

The second trend I will talk about will be kept short - what an irony that the trend is about shorts. Joke aside. As I have already told you about the Marlene trend not long ago this will just be a little addition: Long shorts - I'm sorry if I sound sarcastic with all these wordplays - wide in the style of the Marlene (what for we may talk about a short Marlene) worn with a big belt and high wedges are a real runner in the fashion world now.
Surely you may think that you look like an archeologist but a trendy one if you combine it with the right accessories a beautiful belt for the wasp waist and your trendy wedges.

This may be all and enough for now. Enjoy the trends and make fashionable points, but don't keep it too short.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Bon Appétit w/ Potatos

Hello dears ♥!

I don't know where to start... I'm full of motivation and happiness because of the supergreat summer weather we have here - it's actually unusual for Hamburg to be sunny and hot for so long and especially in July, normally it's rainy and rather like April, but I don't want to complain. Secondly the political work is going surprisingly great. You get to meet, know and work with many different people and their point of view. Just today I was told by an older woman that her one political idol is the conservative party of Germany because they managed to make a woman the federal chancellor if our party manages to reach the same (e.g. with me) then she would vote for us in the next elections. That really made my day.

But enough of political talk.
I hope you won't be too disappointed but today's post is again going to be a lifestyle post as I have already announced on Twitter and Instagram (follow: Fall4Me_JK). Tomorrow's post will be a fashion post again.

Yesterday I have taken my time to do housework (something which has to be done at times too but I'm telling you it may be a little bit exhausting but it relaxes your mind a lot!)
Among others I've cooked with my father - men that can cook well are sexy! He fried the meat and I've prepared the side dish. I have to admit I've become obsessed with cooking with recipe as our supermarket REWE has computer with many different recipes you can print as much as you want (I always print one when I go for food shopping).

The side dish was "Oven Potatos with Radish Quark"


- Potatos (the best is to take big ones and depending on how many people you are always take two or three more. People can sometimes be more hungry than you might think.)
- Radish (for 7 potatos I too 4-5 big ones, that fulfills one bouquet).
- (it also says to use the leafs of the radish, I didn't because they weren't good anymore and it's ok with them, too)
- one bouquet of parsley (I don't like that therefore I've taken basil instead. Apart from that it has a better aroma)
quark (with a dry fat content of 40%) - the recite says to take a special one but it works with any quark of 40 % dry fat content.
- créme fraîche (again a special one according to the recipe but as I said the normal one works, too.
- salt and pepper
- parsley (or basil) to garnish
- backing parchment

I didn't give an exact amount because it varies from the number of eating people.

How to prepare:
  1. Wash the potatos with the peel very well and cook them in a pot of water for 20 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile you have time to wash the radish and parsley (or basil) and to cut the radish into pencils and tro chop up the leafs (leave some for the garnish.)
  3. Then the potatos should be ready for far because then you put them into then oven (200° up and down) for (the recipe says 20 minutes again but I suggest) 35 minutes if you want well done ones. Make a deep X cut into the potatos so they will open.
  4. In that time to can mix the quark and créme fraîche and spice it with salt and pepper. Then you add the cut radishes and and leafs and stir once again.
  5. When both is done you put 1-2 spoons of the quark on the baked potatos add a piece of the leaf on them and enjoy it with the meat.

My whole family and our spontaneous guest were amazed. It is really easy to prepare and very well to enjoy. Hopefully you will try it! :D I was loved a lot for that meal.

I naturally always cook and make housework with good music, a good drink, positive thoughts and singing.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Everything You Give Will Come Back To You.

Hello dears,

Expressing my happiness (Lookbook)

first of all THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for 300 likes on Facebook. I've so long waited and fought for it and if you now follow my blog officially via Bloglovin' and Google follow I will soon make bigger collaborations and entertain you with great giveaway contests.

Secondly once again huge sorry, this post was promised yesterday but the aftereffect of my fall on Sunday was worse than I thought and the early sleep was really the best solution.

Thirdly I would like to remember that my famous grand-uncle Herbert von Karajan died today 24 years ago after suffering from a sick heart.Rest in peace, you're still very well remembered!

Today's post will be more or less out of context. It won't be about fashion and photography but a way of lifestyle and contain much philosophy.
You should know that I have an esoteric bent, which means I believe in higher spiritual forces, destiny and that everything has a reason.
In a few easy steps I want to spare you unpleasant moments and give you advices for a better and happier life and tell you things you should know by 20.
I don't doubt that you can get along very well by yourself but still you can never learn enough from others. Besides from that at least for me it always has a bigger effect if I get to know things from others who are on the same level as I am.

In order to this I will work with many life mottos and personal experiences. There is no special order in the steps because all of them are equally important.

1. Never curse somebody. - No matter how much a person might harm, insult or provoke you, keep your least self-control and ignore the people. These people are already cursed if they have nothing else to do than hate and offend you if not they will get their punishment sooner or later. If you curse you're firstly not better and secondly that curse might come back to you.

2. Don't blame others for bad things that happen to you. - Try to look for the mistake on your before blaming others and correct that mistake. Personally I say a day without mistakes is not really a day because you didn't have the chance to learn something new. We aren't perfect and we will never be but we also don't need to be because the best things are made of good and bad things. Apart from that trying to improve every day is the spicy part in your life.

3. Never throw food or clothes away. - I know these are completely different things but the context is the same. There are people who have less than you or nothing at all and would give everything and be lifelong happy and grateful. I always give my clothes to poor people and food I know I won't eat. It is better than producing trash which is not good for our environment. If you get rid of your old clothes believe me you will soon get more and better clothes again or the money to go shopping after those clothes.

4. Support each other. - If a person offers you something (e.g. a collaboration) or asks for your help better help. Because everyone of us is dependent on the help of someone else. Some sooner some later because we all start from zero and need a smaller or bigger support. The best example could also be the "blogger-business". Always have in mind that one day you could be that person that asks for help or remember the time back when you asked for help.

5. Always take your time. - People always keep telling me that they don't have time. Does that sentence drive you as mad as me? You always have the time generally you just don't always take it. If your friends ask you out for example it's not because they wouldn't have anything better to do - you can always have something to do - but maybe they need you or they want to spend time with you because they feel comfortable with you. Believe me you might one day regret to always have rejected a person that is always there for you.
But also for activities and health even if you have a strict plan nothing helps if you feel too sick to work. Better take one day off then and care for yourself. Just like I did (or had todo yesterday). Your body is the best thing about you because it always tells your wht you need and what you want.

My biggest happiness ♥ my doggy Jimmy (Instagram/privately taken: Fall4Me_JK)

6. One chance isn't enough. - As I said, we wouldn't be human if we wouldn't make mistakes and everything happens for a reason. Especially friends you fought with deserve another chance on and on. Always ask yourself why a person acted the way he/she acted. Review the happening and think of point number 2. Maybe you can make up like this again. But sometimes, mostly, you just need distance before it breaks down completely. You need to miss each other and miss what the other person had about him/her. People who really want to stay in your life will always fight for it, those who look for the best reason to get rid of you never wanted to have you at all.
Give every person the chance to be the best in your life. And why only having one best?

7. Stay down to earth. - Something that could refer to point 4. No matter in what position you are you could always lose it as quickly as you got it if you show off with it. Always be generous (no. 3.) and don't become a so called celebrity. Human are actually meant to be equal. No one is worth more because of what he/she is or have and everybody has to deserve what he/she is or has. Down-to-earth people are as a rule more popular than others.

8. Always start your day with a smile. - You are the most beautiful when you smile. If you don't believe me try it. Smiley faces have become so rare nowadays and smiling itself has become even more difficult. Spread your positive emotions and energy. You won't believe what a great effect it will have on even strangers passing by. You will automatically make them smile and feel well. With this you can also give every day the chance to be the best in your life just like every day you stand up gives you the chance to be the best person in the world. It is a gift from heaven.

9. Make the best of everything. - No matter if the situation you're in or the things you have or don't have. The motto is make gold out of sh*t. There are people who are in a worse situation or have less then you. Always show yourself grateful because you are blessed with the things you have and you can aim for. Life is a fight, a challenge and an adventure. Anything else would be simply boring and otherwise it wouldn't be worth living.

10. Treat others the way you want to be treated! - My life's motto. Things can always change and suddenly you can be the dependent one. This motto refers to all points above because it is as the title of this post says:
Everything you give will come back to you.

I know this post has become quite long, hopefully you read it all and enjoyed it.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

One of the happiest days of my life: School graduation

Shopping Results


before I present you my yesterday's shopping results I want to wish all my French here a joyeuse fête nationale! In order to their Independence Day - I have earlier posted it on my Twitter so it would reach my audiance there and on Facebook.

The best thing about yesterday's shopping tour was in the first place to meet my beautiful bestie S. again after such a long time ♥ the amazing photoshoot we had for yesterday's blog entry and the insider I've had with her and my brother who met us in one of the shops, seeing my shopping bags and asking: "Shopped again?!", me replying: "Brother [name not revealed]! I just had to buy it it's necessary to survive!", him asking: "Hairspray?", me: "Yes..." - you know I'm obsessed with the 80s style.
Funny isn't it? :)

And one more good news. Only three likes are separating me from reaching 300 likes on Facebook. Please like the page and tell your friends to do so, too ♥

Now here come the wonderful shopping results - I've found beautiful 80s earrings in the colors mint green and purple as I was looking for them.

Earrings - SIX

Earrings - I am

Inspired by Amanda Carrington aka Catherine Oxenberg ♥ my love.

Have a great start into a new week tomorrow. For myself I can say it will be full of adeventures.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Accessory Of The Month

Hola ♥

first of all my loves HUUUUUUUGE APOLOGIES that the post "Accessory of the Month" comes so belated this time. I was so into my exam stress and other more important (?) posts and trends that I've honestly forgot about it.
But better later than never :)

The accessory this month isn't an accessory in the main sense but still my constant company this time. I'm talking about my black knit jacket by Zara which was a real lucky catch when I went shopping in Monaco. The good thing about this piece of clothing is that you can wear it trendy in winter and in summer and it functions rather as a beautiful accessory than a cloth. In hot summer evenings or mornings however it does keep you warm.

Knit jacket - Zara; sunglasses - Carrera; earrings - I am; top - H&M; treggings - Vero Moda; sandals - Style in shoes & accessories; bag - Harrods; watch - Chanel

Thanks to my beautiful S. for the great photos.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Results

Heeeeeeey :)

happy Friday my loves ♥ for myself I can say that it is one of the happiest Fridays because today I've passed one of the two exams I've worked for so hard. Many of my friends and of course my dear family shared the happiness with me.

As I'm now back from a beautiful celebration of my grand-mother's xxth birthday which we celebrated in the noble hotel Grand Elysee I will now tell you as promised about my yesterday's successful shopping day.

My actual aim were jewelries and accessories because I am saving my money for the big vacation in L.A. which is going to take place in about one month and 10 days. Besides from that I actually don't need something from here necessarily, everything is so far bought.
I was looking for earrings in the 80s style à la Amanda Carrington and some in mint green, purple or versatile pastel colors but as you certainly know from your own experience it happens that you also catch other beautiful pieces during your shopping trip which you just have to buy.

Me and my friend with whom I went shopping advised each other very well and through the help of the other we managed to buy very beautiful pieces and finish the shopping tour contented. During the tour she also shot me for yesterday's post.

After that I've met a friend who came here for an appointment with her friend. We were sitting and talking about the main topics shopping and fashion naturally. It was great to meet you, hope to see you soon again ♥ If you follow my Instagram you will be able to see a picture.

My biggest success were these triangle stud earring which became my new most favorite earrings. They are absolutely in the style of the earrings Amanda Carrington aka Catherine Oxenberg loved to wear in Dynasty to many different outfits. At this point I also have to say that they do fit to every outfit as blue is the new black. My friend from the other city liked them too and added that blue suits me very well.
What do you think?

Stud earrings - I am

Earrings - SIX

It is always worth taking a look at New Look as their summer sale is always amazing as their clothes and accessories just likes these earrings another form of classy.
Stud earrings - New Look

... I was also amazed about them having feather earrings of good quality. Naturally they had to be shopped too even though they it wasn't directly planned.

Feather earrings - New Look

This necklace also had to be bought, maybe only just for fun because I have the same in purple and blue and blue and green, too.

Feather necklace - SIX

...and last but not least a little gift by Douglas.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

You Never Have Enough Shoes

Hello, hello my loves ♥

I'm back from a perfect shopping day after a long period of learning and hard working and it felt very good especially because we're having an amazing summer weather here. Perfect for the beginning of the lecture free time. But tomorrow more about my shopping day.

Today I would like to introduce you to another summer trend from the spring issue of the H&M magazine: Roman sandals - if you don't have them you definitely don't have enough shoes because these are a real must-have in every summer season.

Roman sandals are always an eye-catcher and perfect to be worn in summer to a feminine fanciful hippie-look or a sporty and casual jeans-look. My best suggestions are flower skirts, summer skirts with beautiful pattern or shorts.

Whistle - Douglas; bracelets - Claire's; watch - Chanel; Roman sandals (black) - Tac; shorts - C&A (shortened by me)

Top - L&B; shorts - New Yorker; bracelets - Claire's; watch - Wempe; sunglasses - Carrera; Roman sandals - Tac

As you can see I've adapted my tops to my shoes and wear lots of love messages with me as I'm crazy for shoes and look forward to m holidays in L.A. The focus on the shoes gets better like that.

Thanks to my beloved E. & N. for the amazing photos.

Xoxo♥ Johanna

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